Journey to Your Deepest Self

was I the one?

what I want to know is was it my fault? was I the one who threw the final stone that knocked you off the cross and into the compost the one who dipped and filled my bucket again and again desperate for more of you? was I the one who convinced you I wasn’t reliable wouldn’t show up when it really mattered? was I the one who scraped you away from the scene where you stood on the precipice ready and willing? the one who instead led you down into the garbage heap where you still sit and sift through the millennia of shrinking stinking sopping trash imagining here you will find the clue that erases feeling small and insignificant wasted buried gone? was I the one you turned to reached for as I ran the other way turned the corner on you turned as soon as I caught the yellow of your jacket made a left turn because I knew you were headed right? was I the one who told you to jump? who told you not to?...
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