Journey to Your Deepest Self

If I Were to Love Myself

If I were to love myself The world would be transformed No feeling inadequate, like I made a mistake No comparing myself to others… no matter what No feeling bad about how others respond to me Their acceptance or not No believing I’ve done anything to be sorry for No feeling like I’ve let anyone down Especially myself Nothing at all wrong with me anymore If I were to love myself. If I were to love myself I’d rejoice in all that I do All that I am I’d know beyond all doubt That I’ve been doing the very best I could For all time And that it’s okay to learn To be more of myself Than I’ve every known before Uncovering the goodness of my being If I were to love myself. If I were to love myself Body would rejoice Energy of love flowing to feed my cells Finally getting the nourishment to live Fully alive like never before The gift that is me That I was meant to bring to this world Inspiring others to bring their gifts forward Bring who they are alive For us all to receive If I were to love myself. If I were to love myself There wouldn’t be anything to be afraid of Fear itself would be loved And transformed by that love Into knowing the truth That I am important, vital Inseparable from all that is That it really is all about me After all Connected to all that is One to the other One large Body of creation Made to open us to the truth of our being Made to create a world based on real love If I were to love...
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