Journey to Your Deepest Self

Another Way

She didn’t know there was another way Another lover she could have The hatred she knew as her friend Used it to keep her alive Used it to feel alive She didn’t know another way She didn’t know love wanted her She’d been rejected so long ago Rejection knocking the wind out of her Gasping for breath that didn’t come She imploded wishing it would all end She didn’t know another way She yearned to believe that it could be different Terrified to open to another reenactment Guarded against the pain she nursed along Not knowing it was her choice Not noticing the change Included her if she chose To open to another way She’s getting braver Willing to know herself and to learn Willing to know she’s done the best she could Willing to risk it all For something different to be born Something worth living for Something that brings waves of blessed relief Calming, soothing, healing all the places that were hurting She’s realizing that it is her choice To open to another...
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