Journey to Your Deepest Self

A Pleasant Soreness


by Kathleen MacGregor

A pleasant soreness

I am with today

Reminds me of how

We danced last night

Under the August sky

On the cool, green grass

With our bare feet

And flying skirts.

Smell of sweat, wine and white flowers-

Bats dipping into the heat

Rising up from our bodies.

Beautiful friends

Reflecting beauty, joy

Reflecting love.

Even in the waves

That washed over us

Tumbled us.

Wives of grief, of fear

Husbands of rage, of anxiety.

The drum brought it in.

The guitar sang to it

Our ecstasy carried it


Yes celebrate!

Setting free those wild

Birds of the belly.

Beating them from the bush

With drumming feet-

Shaking down the energy.

Coming home.

No one’s a stranger

When we dance


A pleasant soreness

Reminds me of how

We jiggled and stomped

Quivered and jumped.

Twirled and swayed.

Joining arms

Then letting go.

The flesh and the soul.

It was exactly as if

We were free.


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