Journey to Your Deepest Self

A Regret


by Kathleen MacGregor

If I had it to do over,

I would have turned to you

With my full face.

I would have spoken.


I  am the woman of this house!

You are swallowing the nourishment

From my body, my work.

My hands my Love.

You will either pay respect or

Get out!

Brimming with Her fire- full, fearful rage

I would have seen you tremble.

I would have seen you pared down

To naked fear and insecurity.

The same that carried you here.

The same you so desperately denied.

And, that, I might have loved.

O! But that fire did not reach me.

I who am speaking now.

Was not mine to send,

In that moment.

Mmmm! The grief of having held the fire, snuffed the fire

Just because I knew there was another, deeper story.

I knew there was more going on

Than seemed on the top.

I knew of another message you brought.

A message provided

To one who could be discredited.

For I must have been on a pedestal

To be so toppled after all…

But how that fire inside does burn!

Aching to stretch blinding arms skyward

And everyway to be seen and heard!

To burn for every woman who has ever burned and

Been burned.

O! She is burning! She is burning now!

And you

Are nothing but smoke.


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