Journey to Your Deepest Self

About Us

Process Coaching practitioners & coaches

We are working and playing together on a journey towards being all of who we truly are. Our common desire is healing ourselves to wholeness, and in doing so, manifesting our deepest dreams here on Earth.

The purpose of our work and play together is to help each of us reclaim more and more of our lost parts and feeling energy. We’re learning to do this by finding unconditional loving acceptance for all of our feelings, regardless of past judgments about the feelings or ourselves. Expressing emotions with acceptance is a powerful way of loving them, and bringing them back into ourselves with love. In this way we are freeing our magnetic wills and evolving our ability to draw into our lives all of what we truly desire.

We hope you are moved by what you read. May you find any edginess, intensity, vulnerability, or fullness of feeling expression on the site inspiring in your own healing process.

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