Journey to Your Deepest Self



I’m afraid.
I’m afraid I made it all up
That it wasn’t real
That I’m fake
That I lied
That I’m exposed
That you’ll hate me
Delete me
Cancel your subscription
Stop buying me
Stop liking me
Stop valuing me
Stop stop stop
Everything will stop.
I’ll be alone
In the big Empty Place
In the middle
Of me
Where I’ve been
I know my way around.
Now that I’m here,
Looking at it,
I can see
The part of me
Exposed, afraid, feeling fake
Fraudish and hated
Is not me.
Is not alone.
I’m here with her.
I can see she’s lovable and innocent.
The trees did swell and
They whispered,
“It’s okay. It’s really, really okay, Love…”


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