Journey to Your Deepest Self

All Hell Broke Loose

fire tornado

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“All hell broke loose!” he said
As if that’s a bad thing
Well let me tell you
It’s Hell time!
It’s about time
For everything to fall apart
So if you don’t like the heat
Get out of the way
Out of my way
Because I’ve opened the door
It can’t be closed anymore
I want it all to come out
It’s what I’ve asked for
It’s what you’ve pretended you wanted

It’s not neat and pretty
This going to hell business
It’s not controllable
Not understandable
It’s the ultimate letting go
Not knowing
Just falling, falling, falling into it

Wondering if you will survive it?
Let me tell you now
That you won’t
You won’t survive it!
Not this part of you
That believes in the neat and pretty
The tidy and understandable
The controllable
That all get’s thrown out the window
It evaporates actually
Into the thin air of nothingness
That it always was

It’s not so bad this hell place
Highly underrated
Underestimated too
For the power that it holds
Always has held
To do it’s work in the dark
In the shadow
Not because it needs to
But because no one has wanted to see
The truth of what goes on
Down here in hell

It’s had to stay down here
Pushed down
So unloved and unwanted
And it’s not possible to stay fresh
And clean and pretty
Under such conditions
So if you’re asking to go here
Don’t expect prettiness
Not at first at least

And don’t expect to come out alive
Not as you’ve known yourself
Everything gets transformed down here
Burned alive
Purified actually
Though it may not seem that way at first
It’s not possible to know what will happen
It’s not that kind of place
Not made for those wanting the comfortable road

I want to bring some light down here
Any light at all would be new here
Enough acceptance
For what’s been going on
So we can find out what it really is
These places we’ve been so scared of
So repelled by
Finding out what it is
When it’s no longer suppressed
Pushed down in hell
With all the other parts gasping
Feeling the hatred that is all they have gotten.


2 Responses to “All Hell Broke Loose”

  1. Kathleen says:

    I love this electric image! So exciting. I also love the feel of the strong, passionate, angry mother voice coming through.

  2. Luana says:

    This is the best poem that was EVER written, ANY TIME ! ANY WHERE !


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