Journey to Your Deepest Self

Animal Safari

What is it about me
That you avoid
Can’t look in my eyes
Look into the void

It’s inside of you
Inside of me
It’s everywhere
It’s like the sea

And when I say hi
And you turn away
It hurts me
And I don’t know why

The last time I saw you
Animals on safari
You made it plain
I’d nothing to gain
I said I’m sorry

Do I look like
A girl who hurt you
Well that’s not me
Do I look like
I’m bad news
Well, not to me
And I’m not your mother
You don’t know me
But I have something for you
It’s gonna be a surprise

Cuz when you’re hating me
You’re hating you
And the hate’s a pack of lies
Turn and face
What you don’t know
Come to a place
As black as snow
We’ll find out together
What’s been hiding between us
We’ll discover the weather
On this all-new Venus

I’m not out to get you
I’m out to learn
the mysteries of life
And to fold back the cover
Of the book
That I wrote
In the life between lives
And the truth between lies
Please come with me
And let us recognize
Each’s other
In the other’s eyes


7 Responses to “Animal Safari”

  1. Eric idarius says:

    When I look in your eyes I get to feel into you better and I might get triggered by the intensity of a feeling that you are comfortable with but I am still working on accepting in my body field. You might be feeling terror and be ok with it and then when I feel the terror I might not be willing to accept it and come up with some story that is a coping effort so I won’t have to feel what you are feeling. If I really love you I will have enough compassion to drop my story quickly and allow body to feel what you are feeling and love it and you and….me.
    I’m sorry……..
    Please forgive me……
    Thank you……..
    I love you…….

  2. Thank you for melting my heart, Eric. And thank you for responding to my query with so much loving presence. I feel much less alone.
    I love you, my friend.

  3. pam bolton says:

    I love to read this new poem of yours! And, it kinda feels to me like a song…

  4. pam bolton says:

    …and beautiful photograph!!!

  5. Margaret says:

    Dear Kathleen,
    As always you write beautiful, important words as a poem. Thank you!

  6. Margaret says:

    I meant to say you put important, beautiful, scary, intense feelings into awesome poetry!

  7. Margaret,

    Thank you for showing up here and being such a warm presence.

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