Journey to Your Deepest Self

Coming Alive

I’m so tired of holding back
It’s been this way forever
Haven’t even known
It’s been home
My habit
My coping
Holding in
Holding back
Hoping to please

What’s in here
Waiting to be unleashed?
A huge wave
Of energy
Of aliveness
That might
Probably will
The living death out of me
Wake me up
Propel me
To some place
I’ve never known
There’s so much force
So much power here

What if it scares you
Pushes you away?
I’ll be alone
So all alone
As usual
As always
It’s how it’s always been
Me trying to please
By hating
Who I really am
Holding myself back

This plan hasn’t worked
For either of us
So what’s there to be afraid of?
It’s already that way
Self imposed
Stale, suffocating jail
With me enforcing the sentence

Time to break free
Blow it out
Blow it open
Come alive
Risk it all
To live
To be
All of who I am
To myself
Time to come alive!


3 Responses to “Coming Alive”

  1. John says:

    Thanks Betty, I’d love to have you scare the living death out of me too…

  2. Kathleen says:

    Count me in for having the living death scared out of me! I’m ready to be alive! Thank you so much Betty for your poignant and powerful expression.

  3. Pam says:

    What an vibrantly alive image to go with this opening… time to come alive! YOWSAA!!!

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