Journey to Your Deepest Self

Dear Love, A Letter


by Kathleen MacGregor

Dear Love,

We’ve changed. At least, I have and I can see how much you’ve grown from boyfriend to husband to father. Thank you for walking with me.

What I want to know is: What is your desire? Do you want to skim the surface of a lake, laughing over waves, behind a boat in summer? Do you want to try scuba diving and go deep? Explore places no light’s ever reached before and be innocent and new together? Do you want to get comfortable in the shade of an old tree in the middle of a cool green lawn with a glass of white wine in your hand, a New Yorker on your lap, and watch the croquet players? All of it? Something else?

I am restless for the deep sea adventure. And the sea is restless for me. I want to be known outside of whoever I think I am. To explore who we are at our cores, to finally be completely naked with you and discover Everything.

Will you come with me?




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