Journey to Your Deepest Self

I Voted


By Kathleen MacGregor

No, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

Remember when we thought

Obama was the good guy?

Are we still telling ourselves

That he’s finding his way?

Are we saying,

At least he’s black?

Remember how we thought he’d save us and

Drive the father warriors  away?

I had misgivings,

But put those away.

That was not so long ago.

We hoped it was a new book.

It was all about hope.

And he’s killed, now.

Women and children,

By his order,

Are bombed.

I saw the child’s body

Wrapped from head to foot

Motherless now

Fatherless too



When he wakes

He’ll know his enemy.

And his enemy will be me.

I voted for this.

I voted.


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