Journey to Your Deepest Self

Let Me Tell You of My Loves


by Kathleen MacGregor

Let me tell you of my loves.

I love rain.

Rain on streets and sidewalks splashing.

Rain in the woods,

Soaking in.

Rain shocking bare skin

In a garden. At night. In winter.

Bare feet.

I love the symphony of rain

And the whisper.


I love the golden dried grass

Of California.

When I’ve been away,

The sweet grainy smell breezing down

From the mountain,

Brings tears to my eyes.

I don’t even know why.

But I let them come.


I love fingers in my hair

Braiding and brushing

And how our voices

Sound like purring

When we’re talking there.


I love spicy Autumn,

Sharp and russet,

Smokey and thickly sweet.

Sharp, goodbying light.


I love dancing

When the music finally deafens me

To the voices in my head.

And I watch my hot feet

Pounding down the cool, green grass

And love blossoms like a flower

From the crowd

Growing to the sky and rooting us

To the earth.


I love the sleepy sound

Of children’s voices in the morning

In their room.

Early, orange sun

Glowing through the windows

Which watch them

Like loving parent’s eyes.


I love the oceanside

Waking up my senses with salt and wind

Rousing the aching desire

To reach further, deeper

To create.

Seagulls staring unabashedly,

Determinedly, at my lunch.


I love your hand

Alighting upon my waist

When I’m washing dishes

Sending chills up my spine

And melting the tension of separation.


There is another love of mine

I can’t name.

It’s the one

Secret love, shared

Hidden, everywhere.

Fox knows. She smiled

At me this morning

On the path

Behind all the houses and their

Backyard fences.

Even behind the orchards.

Fox knows.


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