Journey to Your Deepest Self

Lonely One


You’re not alone by confusedvision

It’s so lonely in this place.
No one comes to visit here.
They don’t even know I live here.
They don’t know I exist.

I’ve tried to let them know but
It’s as if they shun me.
My voice isn’t very loud,
That’s true.
I haven’t had the courage
To shout and let my presence be felt.

I haven’t wanted to shout,
It feels too much,
Too scary,
Not knowing who will show,
Maybe giving me the kind
Of attention I don’t want.

I’m not very pretty
That’s true
Not the way they seem to like.
My flesh is raw
Festering wounds
Reminders of him.

It’s happened before
That he has come
To be with me.
I don’t know
What he looks like
Who he is
Why he comes
To see me here.

I still feel the sting
Of his lashes on my flesh.
The wounds still raw
Never quite healing
Always reminding me.
Gone as quickly
As he comes.
To let me know
He still exists.

So I’ll continue to stay here
It’s the safest place I know,
The only place I know,
Where it’s quiet and still,
So still I can’t feel myself
So still I wonder
If I exist.
Beyond the aching
That I know to be me.


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