Journey to Your Deepest Self

Memory of a Kiss


In the murky bedroom
Of her mother’s house
Shadows, decayed,
Fill in the gloom.
Curtains drawn tight
Never reveal
Sunlight or storms.
Day or night.
Keep it all out.
Keep out the breath.
Keep out the vision.
The room so bad
It must be hidden.
Lest light come in
Ever unbidden.
Tacky floor
Sticky walls-
If Light saw this
He’d be appalled.
The filth of neglect-
Of habitual hatred.
The rooms repel.
Denial is naked.
Marriage gone-off
Long ago.
Never even a shop keep
To take it from the shelf.
Lovers attacked and eaten
By the deep living
Long-toothed eel.
Bones sunk to the bottom
Forgotten .
Beyond recognition,
Cavities a slither
With parasites-
This is life.
This is life?
She believed in her condition,
Which taught the glamour
Of self-destruction.
Smoking and drinking,
Cutting yourself off,
You say yes to the devil.
Cut it off.
Take suffering away-
To fit in.
But what gets cut
That’s up to him.
It might be the pain
In your feet or head.
It could just as well be
Your joy or your bliss,
The memory of a kiss.


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