Journey to Your Deepest Self

Middle Life

By Kathleen MacGregor

I walked into the middle of my life today,
And I couldn’t remember what I was there for.
I tried and I tried to figure it out.
It just wouldn’t come to me .
So I walked back out.
Out of my life,
Like a grocery store.
Leaned against the wall with sun shining down.
Feeling the fear of never knowing
What I’m here for – again.
As if I ever knew.
I thought I knew.
Feeling the waking up
From deep in the belly.
Up out of a dream.
But it was more like waking down-
I slid down the wall.
The sun held me like a mother,
And I noticed that
The mind can go.
Just fly away.
What am I here for-
For here, I am.


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