Journey to Your Deepest Self

Oh, Here


by Kathleen MacGregor

Walking out into the morning
This morning
The clouds were splashed across the sky
Like balled up socks
Scattered on the
Bedroom floor
And glowing and
I remembered Loving Sprirt
I met the day before and
Every moment he has been with me
Unrecognized and
And his waiting was still
Sobbing with his desire to love
To love
He wants to love
I never knew he had any desire
I only saw him floating
Above the ground and faintly
Barely even there
But that was me
That was me too
So where in me
Is this being
This Loving Spirit
It’s bigger than I thought
How much there is to cop to
To own
Finally to love
And I heard his wedding vow
I want to dance with you
I want to march with you
I want to drown in your love
Oh, here he is
Coming down
My love


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