Journey to Your Deepest Self

Oracles Everywhere



who laid an aching arm

across my shoulders



Your face

peering into mine.


Was it you?

A park

in December.

Oak trees and chimney smoke.

Did you ever know

anyone so lost

as I was then?

Lost in plain sight.

When you’re lost

you’re a different person.

You’re a lost person

who’s awake and searching.

You notice things and

you talk to people

you’d normally ignore.

There are oracles everywhere

all along the street,

on the other side

of the counter.

Taking your money.

Handing you the change.

Telling you the truth

of the universe.

How to get home.

Whether the oracle sends silence,

curses or directions,

she tells you the way home.

Make a gift

of what the oracle tells you.

It’s all in the listening.

There are oracles everywhere.

Still, I don’t know where I’m going.

And I’m no longer lost.

It’s different now.

I’ve stopped pretending I know the way.

That there is a way.

There’s just the way I’m going.

And that could change any time.

Any time at all.

One oracle said,

If you get lost, just keep turning right.

When you get used to that,

try a left and see what happens.


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