Journey to Your Deepest Self

Sexual 2


I want to belong.
Tell me I belong here
Tell me I have something
Only I can give.
Let me know
By your mouth
And your fingertips
Your palms,
The hang of your head,
And the lift of your chin,
That I matter.
Don’t go on without me.
Pause and stare.
Feel hopelessly lost and stricken.
For a moment.
Want me!
Want me with your skin
And your heart
And your bones.
Be consumed by me.
Don’t let me die.
Just for a moment.
Keep me alive
Where I belong.


One Response to “Sexual 2”

  1. AH! I love this, Kathleen!!! There’s a lot here to feel into. And I love how you express the sexual 2 on the enneagram.

    thank you!


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