Journey to Your Deepest Self



I feel so deliciously
The space between
Our mouths
Before we kiss and
After we part.
Our shoulders
Our shouts.
The electric space between
Lips and ear-the whisper.
In the closet,
The space between his and hers,
The space between leaves on the tree,
Between tree and sky
What happens in these spaces?
These spaces we made
To learn… what?
To heal… what?
To evolve… what?
What of the spaces within myself?
Between feelings and beliefs.
Between feminine and masculine.
Dark chasms, maybe,
Between Will and Spirit?
These are untraveled paths
Paths of mystery and suffering.
But what delineates the paths
Between the wood and the ocean?
How do we “know”
They are separate?
We have stopped at the edge of comfort
Stayed there contemplating
A way out.
We’ve thought,
Maybe aliens will come and finally take me home. Or
I’m waiting for the Final Battle when God will bring me to his home.
What if this is our home.
This uncomfortable, squirmy, asking place.
In stopping we have become the markers of the gap.
What if we cross over?
What if we begin to fall
And continue to fall
What if this is the way
The only way
To fly?


2 Responses to “Spaces”

  1. Jinny says:

    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

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