Journey to Your Deepest Self

I Want to Be the Darkness

“I want to be the darkness!” She said. Not knowing how profound Her desire and courage went. Now I’m here with her Tumbled into this place Once more With her leading me Showing me the way She always has been Calling me to come down To where heart was lost A very long time ago She wants me to stay here forever now Never leave again I’ve been prone to leaving Hating the darkness The decay and stench here The ugliness of this place Of all the hurt and loss that’s ever been I’ve done all I could to stay away from here When she’s pulled me down Once more To the place where everything good withers A slow painful decay How could anyone want to be here? I’m walking in the land of the dead now Or so it seems With her Not alone anymore I’ve brought a small bit of light My willingness To bring love here However I can For as long as it takes No place else to go That feels more real Or more worthwhile being in No more avoiding What lives in the darkness I’m not leaving anymore I don’t know what I can do here Don’t know what will happen To me, to her, to it all I just know it has to be That she is included Her voice heard Her passion honored Or else we’re all doomed To be drawn into the abyss Of heart break Forever So here I’ll stay This small flicker of light I’ll keep tending That’s all it takes Or so she tells me A willingness to be transformed By the fire of this place That only burns away the illusions We’ve all been pretending Maybe the tides are turning now Time for something new Something yearned for From the very beginning Maybe the original spark That was drawn by the darkness Will stay So something new Something precious And wanted Can be...
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