Journey to Your Deepest Self


Circling tremor beneath The flowers Pulling, sucking at the roots Waxen petals Blend With Dirt Intone the musical whisper Of your gut Especially because you think it Ugly, unknowable, naked You must Descend the hearth steps Brick Stone Earth Where Nothing Drips Fingertips Lick dry lips The table’s arranged Don’t let slip The infinite secret song This aspect is Barefoot-tender Step and step We can cross over And as soon as we do Will ache with a devouring Lust To return to mud and blood Thick, velvet shame Tucked-away emerald trust Joy bursting forth Leaf-green Reclining fatigue Smells like apples and Hums like bees The tear that springs into your eyes When you catch that bare smile Yes, you will want to return To escape the tedious peace Wink your goodbye to Nothing Knowing you don’t leave it It’s here inside And what all will you do and say This time Just to pretend It...
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