Journey to Your Deepest Self

Psychopathic Killer

image by Richard Vernon I am the psychopathic killer. Do you dare know me? I have kept myself well hidden In order to do my dirty work You have not wanted To see me here. I do my work in the shadow. Unseen, unheard, unfelt For what I am. I ride on the tail of rage The whip at the end That cuts into fresh tender flesh Lashing out quickly and deeply Leaving before I can be found. You haven’t known me Though you are familiar with my works. The sting of hurt Rawness of the fresh wound. Rage is my ride She serves me well We work together Though she doesn’t always know That I’ve come along. At times she chooses To have me with her To use me as her weapon To remove what is in her way To enact her revenge Nothing gets in my way Nothing can stop my action. I work best in the dark Where there is no light No consciousness to thwart me No being there to interfere with My dirty work Cold, unfeeling, heartless work The assassin hired to do a job Quickly, cleanly, deadly, thoroughly. Nothing left undecided. Nothing left at all. My weapon is sharp, cold, cutting, Faster than light. It goes deep Takes no chance Definitive There is no room For failure here The verdict is clear Death is the only deed Left to complete. I leave as quickly As I arrive No trace left behind Of who has been here No fingerprints No evidence That points to who it was That enacted this dirty deed. Only the wound The smell of death Of denial A rotting stench That can’t be cleaned. The rawness and aching Of pain That can’t be healed. You’ve believed that I only exist Do my dirty work Through someone else. You’ve protected yourself From that externalized force. How blind you’ve been To the place Where I’ve been able to enter. I’ve fooled you For a very long time. Because you see I really live inside of you. No other. Your most unwanted child Twisted and deformed Your very...
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