Journey to Your Deepest Self

While You Were Away

by Kathleen MacGregor While you were away, I swept up a bit And shelved the books That had been piled into Tottering columns and Spread across the Ottoman. Piles you shifted each time You came home. PilesĀ  I insisted were Exactly where they needed to be. While you were away, It seems I took over The fussing, The irritation with clutter, The discontent. The resentment. While you were away, I woke up early, and Made tea before walking Out into the garden To prune and pull up some Weeds, coming in to Fold laundry and put it away. While you were away, I got a lot done. Calls were returned, Bills were paid. And I didn’t write a single poem, Make a collage, Or take a nap. No photographs were taken. While you were away, All the parts of myself That make it fun be alive, Died. Quietly. Vanished. As if they never were. I know who I’d be Without you. You are the sculptor’s hands Kneading, squeezing, pushing And I am the lump of clay Coming into form by your hands. And even if I am unsatisfying, Never turning out the way you plan, I am. And you keep returning to the...
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