Journey to Your Deepest Self

The Sister

by Kathleen MacGregor What I love about family gatherings, is being a sister to my brothers. We play games and laugh and I can see how we’re alike. I see the shadow of me in them and can love my shape. I can hear the echo of my voice in their voices and can love my voice. I love to feel that connection and I can feel it even though we’re playing a card game or tossing a salad. Divided. Part of me is with the game and the chatter and another part is sitting back. The great- grandmother. Watching, listening, smiling understanding. Sometimes dozing lightly into dreams. Waking to the sound of my own voice telling the cousins that dinner is ready. Dinner that the other part of me helped prepare. We all helped. I love it when we all run outside after dinner, when it’s good and dark, for a special game of hide and seek. We are all children then, running through the...
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