Journey to Your Deepest Self


(written one week before my son’s high school graduation) My son I see you growing Not knowing Shaking, quaking So insecure Will the world welcome you? Will the world value you? Is there a place for you? Trying to reassure you So I can feel secure That’s it’s okay That what I’ve done As a mother Is okay A game I’ve played With you With myself Letting go Doesn’t matter now As you step into yourself Your own world Reflecting What lies inside of you Working to shape you Into who you are It’s there waiting To be discovered By you alone My son So insecure Are we Together Learning To let go Of what has been And the many stories That we’ve worked so hard To form To create A bright world Of love Is not based on any story Of our making Of our past It’s all new now So insecure How wise you are To go there To lead me there Not knowing that This is how it is Really to be In this moment Transitioning to the next Not knowing What there can be Leaping forward Holding back Shaking, quaking Only now This moment Surrendering to the insecurity The wisdom of that movement So that we can be bigger Than we’ve ever been Known ourselves to be Letting go Of the past Of the possibility Of any dream That was then Can’t be now I let you go, my son As you open to yourself And open me to something bigger Than ever was I am so grateful For this journey of wonder We’ve traveled together To this point Of one becoming two Becoming one Becoming all....
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