Journey to Your Deepest Self

Talk About Love, She Said


Love, now, is

Hearing myself compare myself to her

Noticing myself put myself down and

Stopping that.

Standing up for myself.

Love, now, is

Deliberately choosing

to do something different

Than I have ever done before.

Something other than

Trying harder to do better.

Something other than pushing.


Something other than

Hiding my face in shame or


Something other than

Disappearing or competing or running in a new direction.

No, this time

I am choosing love.

Love is staying

With myself.

Myself who is not so different

From a young child

In her bold desire

To be loved just as she is.


I won’t push on myself or hint that I’m not good enough.

I will whisper

I love you.

You are the only one for me.

With tender gaze

I will meet my own eyes

In the new country

And I will say

Thank you.

Thank you for all you’ve done

For me.

Love, now, is.


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