Journey to Your Deepest Self

We Circle Sending Emerging


Circling around the moment
Sending out energy streams like tentacles to touch
The moment emerging.
To touch each other and ourselves in that
Emerging moment.
Energy streaming from all the hearts
We all witness the pulling out of that thread.
We all pull
Out through the throat of one of us
From way deep down-
And every one here
Is drawing the thread.
Wanting the pictures that are painting themselves
To be seen from that place
Like wisps of smoke from the mouth forming into
Form! Colorful, truthful
With a lot of deep blue.
Blue so blue
We cry for the blueness.
Also golden yellow.
Sure of itself in the space of welcome.
Truth comes through our desire
From our desire to have truth with us
In manifestation.
We are all the fathers and mothers
Of the truth being born and growing.
Truth is born from We.
Joyous to be the body


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